Brushes with Greatness?
Some Candid Shots of the London Film Club at large with their favourite celebrities...

Laurence Simner has his samuri sword autographed by "Kill Bill" star David Carradine - who proceeded to shoot Laurence with a tranquillizer dart after he discovered this film club member had programmed a bunch of John Hughes flics.
Laurence Simner (left) and Matt Loop (right) with film critic Richard Crouse, who graciously gave us permission to use this image on our website even though he would probably freak over some of our film choices.
Matt Loop with the production team at Troma Films, the folks who brought you the Toxic Avenger. Matt's the weird-looking one.
Andrew Stephen (standing) with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark - sans makeup. Who's the lucky dog getting the hug?
Chris Doty visiting London-born actor Hume Cronyn, his Golden Globe Award and Jessica Tandy's Oscar for Driving Miss Daisy. Top that!

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