Previous Monthly Picks
2000 Uneasy Beginnings - after discovering all they talk about is films, a group of guys band together to form the nucleus of the London Film Club; but they find you can't always trust internet databases or rose-coloured memories when programming a theme
  • David Lynch
  • Stanley Kubrick
  • Warren Beattie
  • Movies That Killed My Career
  • AFI Top 100
  • Horror Movies
  • John Hughes
2001 Stretching the Limits of Bad Taste - the club begin taking more risks by programming comedies with Nazis and X-rated cartoons but the really pressure builds as members attempt to one-up each other with lavish handouts
  • Sidney Poitier
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Funny Fuehrers
  • Pimps, Hustlers, and Players
  • Martin Scorsese
  • Ralph Bakshi
  • Musicals of the 60s
  • Terry Gilliam
2002 Going Digital - DVDs make a triumphant (and speedy) transition through the Film Club, nearly replacing VHS by year's end; but there's still enough obscure titles out there to guarantee tape will be around for a few more seasons
rear window
  • Stiff Upper Lip: How the Brits Cruised Through History
  • Vincent Price
  • Woody Allen
  • Real Life Documentaries
  • History of the Western
  • Movies and their Remakes
  • Man Made Monsters
  • Alfred Hitchcock
2003 Best of Times, Worst of Times - The London Film Club enjoys some of its very best - and very worst - offerings, often within the same selections; highlights include Sunset Blvd, Point Blank and The Red Violin; lowlights include Pink Flamingos and the interminable Qatsi films
  • Film Noir
  • America At War
  • Tough Guys
  • Canadiana 101
  • On Sunset Boulevard: The Films and Scripts of Billy Wilder
  • Cult of Personality: A Selection of Cult Films
  • Political Movies
  • The Qatsi Trilogy
  • John Wayne: American
2004 Deeper into Movies - despite lighter choices with James Bond and Paul Newman, this year's selections display a more introspective, thoughtful approach to film as The London Film Club matures - or maybe they're just sick of watching things blow up
  • My First Time Was In My Twenties
  • A Litany of Failed Film Projects
  • License to Thrill: The Evolution of Bond
  • Quentin Tarantino: Writer. Director. Actor?
  • The Psychedelic 60s
  • Paul Newman: Profile of a Winner
  • Secret Shames
  • Covering Conflict: Journalism in War
  • I, Monster: Understanding Mass Murderers
  • Dungeons and Drag-ons...
2005 Old Favourites
  • The New Hollywood
NON-OFFICIAL MEETINGS - you can't keep a zealous Film Club member down when it comes to programming personal favourites and then forcing them on the rest of the group
ed wood
  • A Salute to the Awful Cinema of Ed Wood Jr.
  • Pimps, Hustlers, and Players: The Return
  • A Drive In Date with Vincent Price