Guy Lombardo's London
A Tourist's Map of London, Ontario, Canada
courtesy of Doty Docs


136 Queens Avenue, Guy's birthplace. Currently the site of a government parking lot.
202 Simcoe Street, Guy's second home. Currently a private residence.
153 Horton Street, Guy's third home. Currently the site of a retail beer store and historical plaque.
305 Queens Avenue, Winter Gardens Dance Hall where Guy played between 1922 and 1923. Currently the site of the London Public Library.
434 Richmond Street, Wong's Cafe and Tourist's Haven where Guy played in the early 1920s. Currently the site of a hair salon.
285 Wonderland Road South, Wonderland Gardens where Guy played two engagements in the 1960s. Currently open for dining and dancing. The Guy Lombardo Music Centre is also located near by.
The Guy Lombardo Bridge, named after Guy in 1979.
471 Richmond Street, The Grand Theatre where Guy conducted the pit orchestra for an unknown production in the early 1920s.
194 and 204 Dundas Street, The Loew's and Capitol Theatres where Guy performed throughout the 1920s before returning for two flood benefit concerts in 1937. The Loew's is now a nightclub while the Capitol still operates as a cinema.
276 Dundas Street, The Nitschke Block where Guy's father operated his tailor shop. Currently the site of Casey's Restaurant.

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