laramie projectThe 2002 Brickenden Awards

"Nothing doing. I'm not going to put my neck on that chopping block." - unnamed, reluctant recruit for the first Brickenden adjudication committee
* - represents critic's choice winner
# - represent people's choice winner

Best Production

· As You Like It (UWO Summer Shakespeare)
· Her Worship (Ausable Theatre)
· The Deluxe Illustrated Body (three black ring)
· The History of the Devil (Theatre Nemisis)
· The Laramie Project (Fountainhead Theatreworks) *#

Best Director

· Dawn Penner (The History of the Devil)
· Jayson McDonald (The Deluxe Illustrated Body)
· Jeff Culbert (Her Worship)
· John Gerry (The Laramie Project) *#
· Scott Holden-Jones (As You Like It)

Best Original Script

· Caitlin Murphy (Post)
· Eric Woolfe (The Strange and Eerie Memoirs of Billy Wuthergloom)
· J. G. De Souza (My Name is Mr. Jones)
· Jayson McDonald and Lil Malinich (The Deluxe Illustrated Body) *#
· Peter Desbarats (Her Worship)

Best Actor in a Leading Role

· Christopher Kevill (As You Like It)
· Jeff Culbert (Work) #(tie)
· John Turner (Her Worship) *#(tie)
· Matt Martin (Aloha Rodeo)
· Tyler Parr (The Story of the Gentle Rain Food Co-op)

Best Actress in a Leading Role

· Anne-Marie Caicco (Mercury)
· Lucy Williams (Grace)
· Martha Zimmerman (Wrong for Each Other) #
· Rachel Holden-Jones (Post)
· Virginia Pratten (Her Worship) *

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

· Don Fleckser (The Story of The Gentle Rain Food Co-op) #
· Justin Peter Quesnelle (The Laramie Project) *
· Paul Myers (The History of the Devil)
· Simon Goodwin (The Mousetrap)
· Willie Thomas (The Laramie Project)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

· Audrey Davenport (The Deluxe Illustrated Body) *
· Julie Seip (The Laramie Project) #
· Lesleigh Turner (Moon Over Buffalo)
· Lorissa Sinasac (The History of the Devil)
· Shannon Eizinga (The History of the Devil)

Best Comedy Production

· Channel Surfing II: The Complete Second Season (Channel Surfing)
· Chelsea & Boggs: Double-Dealin' Trouble Doubles (Rubberfunk Theatre) #
· Like a Lead Balloooon (Kosurko Productions) *
· The Continuing Adventures of the Boneyard Man, Episode 68: "A Walk On The Simian Side" (The Natural Broadcasting Company)
· The Fully Insured Fringe Party: Eat, Drink and Be Scary (Fully Insured)

Best Youth Production

· Microscopic Men (Weldon Park Academy) *
· The Art of Selecting a Soul-Mate (London Central Secondary School)
· The Chance of Rain (Original Kids) #
· Truth Improvised (Side Park Productions)

Best Set Design

· Cheryl Jennings (Dial M for Murder)
· Doug Peterman (Her Worship)
· Rod Keith (Chelsea & Boggs: Head Trip!) *
· Stephen Mitchell (Moon Over Buffalo) #