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The Adventures of Marc Emery
a new play

first pot campaign

January 24 to February 4, 2006
The Arts Project

203 Dundas Street
London, Ontario

"Now, we smoke a lot of pot and grow a lot of pot, so much that we overthrow the government the old-fashioned way, by growing so much pot that they can't stop us, and I'm just here to help." - Marc Emery, August 1997

What is Citizen Marc?

Canada's self proclaimed "Prince of Pot" didn't come about his rabid activism overnight. It took three decades in a small downtown bookstore in London, Ontario to turn a cocky 17-year-old kid into a political dynamo.

Citizen Marc is a new play that covers Emery's years as the overlord of City Lights Bookstore and the leader of a multitude of causes, both lost and won: Sunday shopping, pro-pornography, anti-big government and, of course, the legalization of marijuana. Along the way, meet the people who molded Marc into the man he is today: strident feminists, scumbag shoplifters, patronizing politicians and author Ayn Rand.

Based on the acclaimed 1992 documentary, Marc Emery: Messing Up the System, the play is written by Jason Rip (Beard: A Few Moments in the Life Of Roy McDonald) and produced by Christopher Doty (The Donnelly Trial). The production will be directed by John Gerry, Brickenden-award-winning director of The Laramie Project.

The play will feature Serge Saika-Voivod (The End of Civilization), Virginia Pratten (Her Worship), Ray Bowen (K2) and Jeff Werkmeister (The Underachievers). Sets will be designed by Eric Bunnell (Fiddler on the Roof) and costumes by Morag Webster-Lesarge (Miss Wisconsin)

Citizen Marc runs at The Arts Project in downtown London, Ontario at
203 Dundas Street between Clarence and Richmond from
January 24 to February 4.

Tickets are $15 for previews (January 24, 25 and 26), $25 for the regular run (January 28 to February 4) and $40 for the gala opening (January 27), plus GST.

Tickets for Citizen Marc are available through the Grand Theatre box office at 672-8800 (call toll free at 1 800 265 1593) or by visiting their website and clicking on their calendar of upcoming events.

A free screening of Marc Emery: Messing Up the System, the documentary which inspired the play, will be held at the London Public Library at 251 Dundas Street on Monday, January 16th at 7 p.m. Producer Christopher Doty and playwright Jason Rip will introduce the film.

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