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Strange Flying Objects over London
Were they weather balloons, parts of a space probe or - visitors from another world?

Keep Watching the Skies!
A catalog of local UFO sightings.

The Stars of London
Biographies of Londoners who achieved fame outside of their hometown.

Guy Lombardo (1902-1977)
The story of a young Italian Canadian who became a musical legend.

Alexander Knox (1907-1995)
A determined Canadian actor who rose to become the President of the United States - sort of...

Richard Berry Harrison (1864-1935)
The son of fugitive slaves, Harrison became America's leading black actor and went on to play God...literally.

Hume Cronyn (1911-2003)
The most famous actor London has produced recounts his boyhood roots and his hometown performances. You may have heard of his wife too - Jessica Tandy.

Victor Garber (born 1948)
The most successful actor to come out of London community theatre. His early, largely unknown, career as a child actor is traced by your web master.

Slippery the Sea Lion (1957-1967)
The greatest marketting tool Londoner ever had. The critter's escape from a local theme park in 1958 delighted animal rights activists and nearly caused an international crisis to boot.

Community Minds
The little-known stories of Londoners who made their city a better place to live in.

Paul Lewis: The Good Soul
You probably saw him shuffling around downtown London in the 1950s and 1960s - but now you can learn the story of one of the most endearing members of London's black community.

George Wenige: Still Running
Mayor, bicycle salesman and a madman for publicity - George Wenige was all of these as he racked up a record nine elections wins.

Bill Trudell: The Man Who Sold The Stars
The incredible 47-career of one of London's greatest showmen. Trudell's campaigns to pack the crowds into his movie theatres were colourful, attention-grabbing and occassionally outrageous.

Music Mates: Johnny & Dorothy Downs
They ran one of the most successful orchestras during the big band era - and then set up a pretty good restaurant to boot.

An Homage to Wonderland Gardens
A short history of the best-loved dance hall in London, its rise to fame and its unfortunate end by fire.

The Seven Dwarfs
The enduring saga of the well-loved restaurant is not without its travails: power blackouts, killer traffic and police raids.

Milestones of London
Historical events, big and small, that make London, Ontario a really interesting place to live in

Talbot of Canada
The story of the first feature-length colour Canadian motion picture - and it was shot in London's backyard.

Londoners up for Acting Oscars
Two former London residents are in the running for the 1944 Academy Awards. Alexander Knox has been nominated for best actor for his critically-acclaimed performance as Amercian president Woodrow Wilson. Hume Cronyn is nominated in the best supporting actor category for the war drama The Seventh Cross.

The Hangings of London, Ontario
A short chronology of the 19 men and women who met their ends under the gallows of the London Middlesex Courthouse.

Ghosts of London
True, terrifying tales of the supernatural and the supernormal...and we swear by our eyes they're all true!

The Worst of Times - Disasters in London
Some were caused by natural forces beyond anyone's control. Others were cause by human negligence. At best, they only caused property damage. At worst, they cost Londoners their lives.
A list of London calamities that cost lives and created major social upheaval.

Lost Films of London
A brief listing of cinematic milestones that have vanished due to accident, neglect or nervous lawyers.

Mondo London
A brief (and we mean brief!) listing of how London, Ontario has been referenced in popular books, films and porn videos.

Hysterical History
Our annual April Fool's Day page - which some people believed!

April 2002
Premier John Robarts dies and no one notices, bandleader Guy Lombardo gets Saturday Night Fever and avant garde artist Jack Chambers compares notes with Norman Rockwell.