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Mondo London
The Forest City in Popular Culture

by Christopher Doty

airport coverAirport
Canadian Arthur Hailey's immensely popular 1968 novel about a bomber on board a commercial airline briefly mentions London on the airplane's flight path.

College Invasion 4
Popular porn series traveled to London for a two-day party with a bunch of horny University of Western Ontario students. Its release in August 2004 was notable for the first college invasion orgy of the series and the frosty reception it received from UWO administration.


Produced in reaction to the anti-nuclear The Day After (1983) this 1987 television mini series is set ten years in the future. America has been taken over by the Soviet Union and life general stinks. Several scenes were shot at University Hospital in London with actors Kris Kristofferson and Ivan Dixon.

All in the Family
In a December 1971 episode of this landmark CBS series, Archie Bunker explained to his wife that he didn't get a Christmas bonus because, as a shipper of his New York firm, he sent a package to London, England instead of London, Ontario. "How the hell should I know there's a London, Ontario," growled Bunker.

Beautiful Dreamers
Well-meaning but sappy 1990 film stars Colm Feore as Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke, the head of London's Asylum for the Insane. While delivering a compassionate paper on the mental ill in the United States, he strikes up a friendship with poet Walt Whitman (Rip Torn). The two men venture back to Bucke's home town to make the world a better place. Directed and written by London-born John Kent Harrison who also gave us A Bear Named Winnie. Blech!

1976 film of the book that launched Stephen King's writing career includes a brief scene where the title character (played by Sissy Spacek) picks up a copy of Cosmic Consciousness, written by Richard Maurice Bucke, the one-time superintendent of the London Insane Asylum and the topic of a movie in his own right, Beautiful Dreamers (see above).