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Donnelly Trial Photo Gallery
by Luke Mattar Photography

james carroll
The defendent, James Carroll (Sean Carmichael) waits for his turn in the prisoner's box. This photograph was taken at the former London jail, possibly in the same cell where the real Carroll was incarcerated between 1880 and 1881.
irving and meredith
Crown prosectuor Aemelius Irving (Dean Hall) listens to Defence council William Ralph Meredith (Paul Myers) paint his client as a wronged man. Meredith, who was leader of the Conservative opposition at Queen's Park, was eager to use the trial as a means of shoring up Roman Catholic support for his party. Irving, on the other hand, just wanted to see justice done.
johnny o'connor
Johnny O'Connor (Scott Morasch) poses stiffly for the camera as he prepares to enter court. The 14-year-old Lucan native was the prosecution's star witness, having witnessed the wholesale butchery of four members of the Donnelly family.
The London and Middlesex courtroom stands empty, awaiting the legal and media circus that will soon commence...
(photo courtesy Raegan Boler)
The very first public performance of The Donnelly Trial was held at the Lucan Community Centre in front of a sold-out crowd of locals. The verdict was guilty.
(photo courtesy Cori Mitchell)
Prosecutor Aemilius Irving (Dean Hall, left) delivers his opening remarks to the jury while Justice Armour (Dale Bell) looks on.
Jennie Currie (Eva Blahut), the only daughter of the Donnelly family, is cross examined by defense lawyer William Meredith (Paul Myers).
not guilty
Prosecutor Irving comforts Jennie and William after the jury returns a "not guilty" verdict.
will and jennie
Jennie Currie (Eva Blahut) and her brother, William Donnelly (Simon Goodwin), in Lucan at the Donnelly Heritage Museum.
(photo courtesy Christopher Doty)
cast shot
The cast of The Donnelly Trial at the former London & Middlesex Courthouse.